Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just submitted our event to Dirt Rag

Trestle Bridge Racing (TBR) will present Midnight at Milford Mills (MMM) again in 2011 on Saturday, July 23rd. MMM is the one and only cross country mountain bike race run entirely at night in the Mid-Atlantic Region (that we know of*). MMM is the 9th race in the Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) this year and is fast, fun, and always a good time.

Three years ago TBR decided to hold a XC race around a lake in Chester county, where once there was a town named Milford Mills known for bootlegging, brothels, and general debauchery (no wonder there’s a lake there now). Anyway, since the swank factor of the area has drastically increased since before Milford Mills was underwater (and with it park use), park management won’t let us hold the race during the day. That’s fine we thought, we’ll just hold it at night. The race gests bigger every year and is looking to be popular this year. We’re excited to be back for our 3rd season. Come on out and don’t forget your light!

*No guarantee is made or implied.

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